Over the next few years, I hope to reread the Bible. I have not read it through since I identified as a Christian, and it seems high time to apply a more critical lens to those scriptures that I once treated with unearned reverence. As often as possible, I will try to read the text honestly and be fair in my analysis and criticism. I’ll attempt to post in this section bimonthly. Some posts will cover large swaths of the texts and others might be more micro-focused. I’ll try and avoid well-trodden areas of the texts, but at the onset, that may be difficult. Below are links to those blog posts. We’ll call them Sunday Sermons From An Atheist.

An Atheist’s Testimony – May 5, 2017
Matthew’s Miracles – May 21, 2017
Hashtag prayfor – June 11, 2017
Untitled – June 25, 2017